Below is a list of PC Games and what protection they have. 

For directions on burning games with protections on them (see below) click here

If the game you are looking for isn't listed here then it means that either 1) The game has no CD-Copy Protection on it, or 2) The game has not been analyzed by us to see what protection is on it.  If you want to find out what protection is on your game then go to our CD Protection Identifying tools page.

*Please note that this page is no longer updated, to make a more complete, updated list, there is a forum, please see here

PC Protected Games List

Games Name/Title

Protection On Original CD

F/A-18E Super Hornet Unknown??
F1 2000 SafeDisc
F1 2001 SafeDisc 2
F1 2002 Safedisc 2.x
F1 Championship 2000 SafeDisc
F1 Championship 2001 SafeDisc 2
F1 Official Team Manager SafeDisc
F1 Racing Championship SafeDisc
F1 World Grand Prix SafeDisc
F22 Lightning 3 CD Checks
FA Premier League FM 99 Securom R3
FA Premier League Stars SafeDisc
Falcon 4 SafeDisc
Fallout 2 LaserLock
Fallout Tactics Unknown??
Fargate LaserLock
Far West SecuRom New v-
FIFA 99 Securom R3
FIFA 2000 SafeDisc
FIFA 2001 SafeDisc
FIFA 2002 Safedisc 2.40.010
FIFA 2003 Safedisc 2.80.010
FIFA 2002 World Cup Safedisc 2.51
Fighter Squadron None
Final Cut Pro 3 Unknown??
Final Fantasy 7 None
Final Fantasy 8 None
Flanker 2 None